"Failed to verify username!"

"Failed to verify username!"

This error is shown when attempting to login with your Minecraft client. The cause for this error is from the official Minecraft website ( and not from your Provision Host game server. Minecraft accounts are connected to the main website and if the website is not responding or down, you will ultimately not be able to login and access your server.

Work Around

If is not responding or is being extremely slow, you can work around the long wait in "Logging In..." screen and "Failed to verify username!".

1. Open up WinSCP and log in with your IP, Root, and Password.

2. Open the ./minecraft/Minecraft/ folder.

3. Open

4. Navigate to online-mode= true

5. Set online-mode= false.

This will make it so that the player doesn't get authenticated by and will allow them to join. However, there is a security risk when doing this. It is recommended that you install Whitelist when doing this.

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